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Skill Acquisition in Destiny: A Chat with Cognitive Scientist Tom Stafford

This week, Kutch interviews Cognitive Scientist Tom Stafford, from the University of Sheffield in UK, while Mercules is away on a work trip. The show covers research done by Tom and collaborators  on how Destiny players learn and develop skills in PVP, and comes complete with homework and a request to contribute your thoughts to ongoing work with @tomstafford on Twitter!

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Destiny Community Cards for Kids - A Charity Raffle for St Jude

Support an awesome cause, and donate for a chance to win a deck of cards signed by amazing members of the Destiny community!

Each $1 donated gives you one entry to the Card Deck Raffle. Every $5 you donate gets you one free bonus entry. If you donate $10 or more, we'll give you a hard copy of the Massive Breakdown Weapon Stats Spreadsheet! If you donate over $100, you'll get an awesome Hunter T-Shirt in addition to the previous rewards!

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Episode 48: Destiny 2 Guides and Reviews - Our Plans

This week, we are total sell-out fanboy Bungie shills, and also talk about plans to create guides for Destiny 2. We've got some reminders for you about upcoming giveaways to celebrate our 50th Episode and we also go to the peanut gallery to get input on what the average (and not-so-average) Guardian thinks will be important to study early on in Destiny 2.

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