Episode 82: Datto Does Massive Breakdowns

In this episode, Kyt_Kutcha has an extended chat with Datto about Solstice of Heroes, what it tells us about the future of Destiny 2, and why bounties make no sense. 

Datto Does Massive Breakdowns

In Part 2, Datto shares his hopes and dreams for Forsaken PVE and the new raid / endgame, and also answers community questions running the gamut from PVP matchmaking to raid mechanics and beyond, with additional commentary and questions from host Kyt_Kutcha. And don't forget to tune into Part 1 of this episode for an in-depth discussion of Solstice of Heroes and what it tells us about Bungie's plans for the future of Destiny 2. Plus, we tucked a few DPS nuggets in there for you that may just hold true into Forsaken - for a while at least.

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