Episode 71: Destiny 2 Dev Update, and Future of the Podcast

Hey Guardians. This week's episode addresses the future of Destiny 2, as laid out by Bungie's development update, and also talks about where we see the podcast heading in light of Destiny 2's current depth and future potential.

I'll leave the deets for the podcast, but here are some things we want you to know:

What You Should Know

1. We are going to be producing episodes less often over the next couple of months, dependent on news and updates to the game. We've had a long break, and talked about where we want to go this year, and this is our conclusion. This isn't an easy decision to make, but we believe it's the right one, and the honest one. This might mean DMB episodes twice a month, or three times a month, or even once a month if Bungie totally drops the ball on communication and development. We're playing it by ear.

2. We aren't saying goodbye, although this episode feels like it in some ways, but we are acknowledging that Destiny 2 lacks the depth and mysteries that inspired us in Destiny 1. Without those mysteries, and the need to experiment and analyze, our podcast would become just another Destiny discussion show. That's not what we set out to create, and not what we want to do. Hence, #1.

3. If anyone chooses to drop or suspend their patronage for any reason, we completely understand. A lot of people have moved on from Destiny 2, and we were never in this to make a profit or get famous. We love diving deep into the game and sharing that passion with you all, and we'll never forget the incredible level of support we've received, even if we do eventually shutter the cast (which we're not doing now, to be clear). You all are legend in our eyes, and always will be

4. If Destiny 2 reinvents itself, the community turns around a bit, and we have things to break down, we'll return in force. If not, eventually we'll wind down, but we both plan to continue casting the pods, and may ultimately move in a more general gaming direction. We all hope for 10 years of Destiny, but plans can change if it doesn't work out. Obviously, we invite you to stick around to see what's next, whether as a patron or a listener.

5. On the note, the IRLCast returns in a week or two (scheduling has been rough this year so far). If there's something you'd like to know about us, or hear our opinions on, and it's not Destiny, you'll never have a better chance to ask!

Most importantly, we want you to know that this isn't goodbye. We both love creating gaming content, but right now we're not playing as much Destiny as we used to and don't see a regular need for more. If that changes, we'll be there. If it doesn't, we'll share what's next with those who want to stick around.

Until next time, Guardians.