Destiny Community Cards for Kids - A Charity Raffle for St Jude

While at GuardianCon, we collected a metric ton of autographs from awesome streamers, youtubers, podcasters, and more in the Destiny Community, up to and including DeeJ and Cozmo, on a couple decks of MBP playing cards. Then we Frankensteined it into a single massive deck of the best known personalities in Destiny (not sure what we're doing with the rest yet, but something cool - we won't keep them for ourselves). 

Now we're giving it away!

This was INCREDIBLY difficult to narrow down to a full deck. There literally are not enough cards to represent all of the amazing people we met at GuardianCon, much less the community as a whole, so we went with those we hoped would result in the most support going to St Jude (the whole point), and next year - if this is a success - we'll commit to completing TWO full decks. If that's something you'd like to see, you know what you must do.

About Destiny Community Cards for Kids

Support an awesome cause, and donate for a chance to win a deck of cards signed by amazing members of the Destiny community!

Each $1 donated gives you one entry to the Card Deck Raffle. Every $5 you donate gets you one free bonus entry. If you donate $10 or more, we'll give you a hard copy of the Massive Breakdown Weapon Stats Spreadsheet! If you donate over $100, you'll get an awesome Hunter T-Shirt in addition to the previous rewards!

Full List of Community Cards:


Ace - OneActual (Twitch)

2 - GuardianOutpost (Twitch)

3 - Goose (Destiny Item Manager)

4 - TeftyTeft (Destiny Community Podcast)

5 - Buttwipe (Twitch)

6 - Husky Raid (YouTube)

7 - She Snaps (Twitch)

8 - Byf (YouTube & Guardian Radio)

9 - TrueVanguard (YouTube & Twitch)

10 - Gigz (Twitch & Tier1)

Jack - Aeroknight & CyborgSasquatch (Destiny Reset Podcast)

Queen - Bones (Crucible Radio)

King - Mark Turcotte (Guardian Radio)


Ace - Professor Broman (Twitch)

2 - GernaderJake (Twitch & YouTube)

3 - TripleWreck (Twitch)

4 - Pope Bear (Destiny Community Podcast)

5 - Meloonie (Twitch)

6 - Th3 Jez (YouTube & Twitch)

7 - SyntaxSe7en (Twitch)

8 - SayNoToRage (Twitch)

9 - Watermelon Exo (Artist)

10 - FalloutPlays (YouTube, Twitch, & PD Podcast)

Jack - Cammycakes (YouTube & Twitch)

Queen - SchviftyFive (Twitch)

King - KackisHD (YouTube & Twitch)


Ace - BurnBxx (Twitch)

2 - MTashed (YouTube & Twitch)

3 - King Gothalion (Twitch)

4 - Unknown Player (YouTube)

5 - Datto (YouTube & Twitch)

6 - TheMavShow (Twitch)

7 - Mesa Sean (YouTube, Twitch, & Guardian Radio)

8 - LeopardStealth (Twitch)

9 - Briar Rabbit (YouTube, Twitch, & DCP)

10 - Lucky (Twitch)

Jack - Lulu (Twitch)

Queen - FamousBirds (Crucible Radio)

King - Dr. Lupo (Twitch)


Ace - Mr. Fruit (Dream Team, YouTube, & Twitch)

2 - Cozmo and Deej (Bungie Community Managers)

3 - Sarah Daniels (Twitch)

4 - Snackless (Twitch)

5 - Ms. 5000 Watts (YouTube, Twitch, & DCP)

6 - JSniperton (Twitch)

7 - RhabbyV (Dream Team, YouTube, & Twitch)

8 - Fran Mirabella (Fireteam Chat)

9 - Luminosity (Bomb Squad Kittens, YouTube, & Twitch)

10 - KMagic101 (Guardian Con & Twitch)

Jack - The Little Gump (Twitch)

Queen - Swainstache (Crucible Radio)

King - Teawrex (YouTube)


Red #1 - Destin Legaire (Fireteam Chat)

Black #1 - WTFisPoshy (GodSquad, YouTube, & Twitch)

Red #2 - Kyt_Kutcha (Massive Breakdown Podcast)

Black #2 - Mercules904 (Massive Breakdown Podcast)

If it's well-received, we'd love to make this an annual event - our little contribution to the incredible efforts of GuardianCon and the community as a whole. 

Your help and support in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated, whether you choose to contribute or not. Please tweet, share, post, blog, or whatever it is you do on the interwebs to share cool things, and help us make this a big success!