Episode 56: Launch Trailer and Edge Article

A recent article in Edge Magazine covered Destiny 2 in a level of detail few sources have - tune in for all the details, and check out some highlights below!


Click on the image to subscribe to buy this issue of Edge Magazine on the Google Play Store for $5.

Click on the image to subscribe to buy this issue of Edge Magazine on the Google Play Store for $5.

The latest issue of Edge Magazine covers a trip to Bungie studios during which Edge reporters played the entirety of the Destiny 2 storyline and interviewed high profile members of the Bungie team, including Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy.

We'll summarize some of the non-spoiler high points here, but you'll have to buy the issue if you want to read the full text and see the accompanying screenshots and images - well worth it, and we're not even getting paid to send you their way.

(Although we're open to a retroactive arrangement, wink wink.)

Key Takeaways

  • The new Weapon System (Kinetic/Energy/Power) was implemented in part to make PVP balance easier, but also has ramifications for balancing power levels in PVE - and in particular means they can give bosses less health and rely more on fun mechanics, as well as allow Supers and Grenades to shine more.
  • Base cooldowns (as now seen in the PC Beta) have been reduced to make them less punishing.
  • Hunters can create a lot of Orbs, and there's something else we don't know about them that we'll apparently learn after launch.
  • A final word on the 30FPS versus 60FPS argument for consoles: They would have had to create smaller worlds, had fewer or weaker AI, and made other sacrifices to make it happen.
  • There are more than 80 missions and activities in Destiny 2, each substantial in length, challenge, story, and reward.
  • Clanmates completing endgame activities such as Nightfalls (not clear on Raids) will reward all clan members with their success.
  • Destiny 2's story is clear, exciting, and entertaining, with clear motivations, epic villains, and lots of cutscenes. Heck, we've already seen more story in the Trailers than we saw in Destiny 1's first year!

You'll have to tune in to learn more and hear our breakdown of the launch trailer, but suffice to say the hype is real. We'll see you on the 6th!