Episode 81: The Once and Future Crucible [ft CoolGuy & CammyCakes]

In this episode, CoolGuy and CammyCakes sit down with Kutch to discuss the state of the game and the Crucible in particular pre-Forsaken, and where they think it is headed as we move into Year 2. Tune in to find out who predicts what, and then go tell them how wrong they are! Or right. Maybe they're right?

The Once and Future Crucible

This time on Destiny Massive Breakdowns, listen in as Kyt_Kutcha is joined by veteran Destiny Content Creators CoolGuy and CammyCakes for a discussion of the current and coming state of PVP in Destiny 2. This one is from a while back, so some new info has been released but the points still stand. Check out Part 2 for Competitive Crucible tips & tricks, as well as our Desert Island Q&A with questions from listeners and fans. 

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