Episode 80: Effects of Range, Zoom, and Ricochet Rounds (Ft. Mmonx)

In this episode, we get a serious schooling in the inner workings of Range and Zoom (and Ricochet Rounds) in Destiny 2 from Mmonx, a hard working YouTuber, fellow Spreadsheet builder, and longtime friend of the podcast. We also covered the Exotic Weapon sandbox changes (pre-Forsaken), in case you want to double-check any predictions we made.

Range, Zoom, & Ricochet Rounds in Destiny 2

In Part 1 we reviewed Exotic Weapon effectiveness, time to kill, perk changes and more, pre-Forsaken. Also featuring Mmonx, creator of the Heart of Destiny series and the Weapon Range Charts as a guest host. Part 2 is your long term reference guide on Range & Zoom, where Mmonx takes us on a deep dive into how Range and Zoom affect the different types of weapons in Destiny 2.

Range: Range is one of those stats that exists in what we call "fruit-space". That is to say, the numbers for this stat do NOT mean the same thing for different types of weapons. If you compared the range on a Sidearm and a Sniper, well...it wouldn't make any sense. The numbers can only be compared within the weapon types. Every weapon type has a base range (not displayed in game) that is modified by this stat. The addition is additive, and typically small, but that does depend on the type of weapon.

Zoom: Zoom is applied to weapons while ADS (aiming down sights) based on weapon type, selected scopes / sights, and some perks (like Ricochet Rounds). Zoom affects damage drop off and aim assist distances multiplicatively. That is to say, with 2x zoom, your range while ADS is doubled compared to hip-firing. This is true for all weapon types.

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Until next time, Guardians!