Episode 79: Positives and Negatives of Warmind

Let's talk about Warmind! We've got update notes to cover, plus our early experiences with the expansion's story and PVE elements and some initial numbers on the weapon changes.

Unrelated Notes about Graviton Lance and Crimson being good now

This episode we just freely expressed our thoughts and impressions rather than working from notes, which means we don't have anything related to share here. That said, everybody loves knowing things, so here are some things you might like to know about Graviton Lance and Crimson!

Graviton Lance has had its behavior changes from a standard PR firing configuration where the first two shots do minimal damage and the third does a larger amount, to a 2-round burst where the first shot does 1/5 the damage of the follow up shot. Currently, first round crits do 12, Black Hole crits do 60. First round bodies do 8, Black Hole bodies do 40.

This means that the weapon now capable of killing in 3 bursts (you need to hit all 6 shots, but the Black Holes are the only ones that need to be crits). And as far as those missing frames, they simply moved the 2 frames from the burst to the delay between bursts, thus it did not get the buff we originally expected.

  • Graviton Lance now kills in 1.00s optimal, and 1.87s body shots, which is enough to move it into the upper tier of competitive weapons in terms of Optimal, but it still very subpar in terms of Body Shot.

Crimson is also much more competitive now, especially among the Hand Cannons. It got a straight RoF buff, going from a burst delay of 7 frames to one of 6, and also a damage buff, pushing the crit damage up to 24 and the body shot up to 17. Keep in mind the Crimson has a unique burst pattern, with 2 frames between each shot in the burst instead of 1, which explains the lengthier TtK even with a minimal number of bursts required to kill.

  • Crimson Times-to-Kill have thus shifted to 1.07s Optimal (7 crit 2 body), 1.50s Body (12 body).

Until next time!