About Destiny Massive Breakdowns

So we massively break things down on a regular basis - but who are we? Why do we do what we do? What drives a Guardian to spend this much time in Google Sheets?

The Guardians Behind Massive Breakdowns

If you're interested in knowing more about who we are when the helmets are toggled off, you might want to check out our monthly IRL (NON-DESTINY) Podcast. We have two episodes out so far, including one featuring a most generous independent Sponsor, in which we discuss our gaming histories and also how we spend our time when we're not playing Destiny (like this month, for example). If that sounds totes lame, and all you want is the cold, hard numbers, that's fine - our regular episodes will continue uninterrupted, and we'll always stick to the facts.

Meet Mercules904

Known for the Massive Breakdown series of posts on Reddit, Mercules has long been enamored with the inner workings of Destiny’s systems. Spending hours alone on the Last Rites mission has driven him to the point of madness, and the only thing keeping him sane has been the constant quest to “git gud” in the Crucible.

Preferring the casual zones of Control and sparks of Rift, Mercules enjoys long walks on the Frontier and a nice glass of whiskey (neat). One day he hopes to become a professional doer of things to do with Destiny, and patiently waits for that time to come.

Meet Kyt_Kutcha

Lifelong gamer, hardcore nerd, and relatively recent convert to the FPS way of life, Kyt spends waaay too much time fooling around on Reddit, Twitter, and the Destiny databases. This is his first FPS since the original Halo, and he hasn’t been serious with another game since picking it up – honest!

A PVE player at heart, but increasingly embedded in the Crucible, he’s also the leader of a small, tight-knit clan full of people just as weird and nerdy as he is, which unfortunately serves to validate his life choices.

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