Age of Triumph & Grimoire Completion Workflow

So you're coming down the wire to clear 5000 Grimoire and get Rank 7 in the Age of Triumph Record Book, and if you want those slick Destiny 2 Emblems you need to get organized. But where to begin? What's the most efficient use of your time?

Scrolling through the Record Book, it can feel a bit overwhelming deciding what to focus on. When I set out to hit Rank 7 when AoT first dropped, I made myself a workflow in Trello that made it really easy to knock it out in just a couple of weeks. I recently found out a clanmate hasn't got this done, and offered to do the same for him, and figured I should share the workflow publicly so anyone else struggling out there can take advantage.

So yeah, here it is: Destiny Massive Breakdowns Age of Triumph Workflow

How To Use Trello: The Basics

  1. Sign up for a free account - It's free and takes like 10 seconds.
  2. Copy the Board - From the right hand menu, click on More, and then click on Copy Board. Give it a name, and click Create. Boom, now you have your own copy.
  3. Move everything you've done to the Complete column - You're probably done with a lot of this already. Go view your record book on and then start dragging and dropping items over. There's a lot, obviously, so set aside maybe 10-15 minutes for this.
  4. Clean up your Completed cards - Click on the little menu icon in the upper right of the Completed column and select Archive All Cards in this List. This will hide them all from view so they aren't distracting you.
  5. Take stock of what's left - Take a minute or two to review the items you have left. You can filter using the labels I've set up using the right hand menu's Filter Cards option. You can also change filters to indicate what things you think are Easy, Hard, or to mark cards you're going to Pass on. Remember, you don't have to do everything!
  6. Do Something Fun and Optimal - Now that you're all organized, it's time to get playing again! Decide if you're going to play PVE or PVP, and then pick the tasks that also allow you to progress the Background Tasks at the same time. I also added notes to some cards where you might need a Guide or some help figuring out how to get it done (particularly the collecting tasks).
  7. Profit - As you complete nodes, update your lists as in steps 3 & 4. That's all there is to it!

Once you've figured this stuff out, you can obviously use Trello for all kinds of things. I use it to manage personal to-do lists, and things like updating and migrating this website. I only wish they were paying me to say this. Oh well!

Okay, that's all I have for you! I tried to be very thorough and cover everything you might need to know or do, but if I missed something, let me know and I'll update it. Thanks for reading and good luck!