Episode 33: AoT Reveal, Ghost Hunting, and the Hype Train is Now Boarding!

Let's discuss this week's Age of Triumph reveal and our thoughts on the future! This week Mercules and Kyt talk about their experiences in Destiny, feeling nostalgic, setting goals for Destiny 1's swansong, and more.

With a Destiny 2 announcement not expected until E3 in June, Age of Triumph needed to be an event that could draw us all back in, bring us together, and keep us interested for at least 3 month.

It's early to be saying this, but so far we're not disappointed.

The details are everywhere, and the reveal stream is 100% worth watching, but here are the big takeaways if you missed them:

  • Age of Triumph is the final live event for Destiny 1, designed to bring everything full circle.
  • It includes a 13 page Record Book with around 100 achievements covering everything from being a Day 1 player (or a player from any era) to collecting all of the ships, to getting to the Lighthouse, and much more.
  • New Weekly rituals will be put in place to keep us challenged going forward, including (at long last), a weekly featured Raid with guaranteed rewards and all Challenge Modes active.
  • Speaking off, All Raids are coming up to 390 Light with new, revamped Hard Modes that don't replace the original modes. Some mechanics have been adjusted, without straying from the spirit of the originals.
  • All new Raid Armors, Ornaments, etc, and yes, Raid Weapons are returning - but we won't have details until Hamrick fills us on on March 22nd.
  • We might get Mayhem Nightfalls? Hard to say, but something is happening there.
Weekly Rituals

The next stream is Wednesday, March 15th, discussing the updated weekly rituals at length, so be sure to tune in the day after to hear our take on it all. We'll be joined by the Banhammer of /r/DestinytheGame himself, Mr Woodhouse, so don't miss it!

Until then, stay Massive!