r/DtG Top 5 SGA Round Up: February 26 – March 4, 2017

Happy Monday, Guardians! It's time for another look at the best Super Good Advice from Destiny's subreddit, at least for this week. With so many great posts it can be tough to pick, but these are 5 that really stood out.


First off, a roll guide from /u/RiseofBacon! We can't help but appreciate any time our work gets shared, and this one is time sensitive, so it's going right at the top of the list.


Speaking of Lingering Song, those high impact Hand Cannons are totally gimmicky with any damage buffs, and no one does damage buffs like Defender Titans. Obviously, this also works with The First Curse, Judith-D and any other high impact Hand Cannon you have laying around.


This is one of those things that recurs now and then: someone notices something that doesn't quite make sense to them and shares a way to get around it. This isn't actually a glitch, so much as a limit Bungie has intentionally put in place to prevent "abusive" glimmer farming strategies, but it is something you can get around. For reference, the old raids (especially Vault of Glass) are still some of the best Glimmer Farms around.


This is just a really neat trick for managing the Aksis fight - we'll let the post speak for itself.


This post did not do well, but it couldn't escape our notice. While hardly news, it is a good reminder for anyone struggling to max their grimoire from Crucible - you can farm it in Private Matches.

Okay, that's all we have for you today, Guardians! Remember to stay tuned later this week for our breakdown of the reveal stream!