Episode 74 & Episode 73: The "Go Fast Update"

This month on Destiny Massive Breakdowns has been all about speed and power. We're talking Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4, AKA the "Go Fast" Update. Bungie is buffing guns, timers, and speed, and dumping a truckload of power ammo into the Crucible to boot. 

For reference, here's Episode 73: "Go Fast Update" Patch Preview in all its gory glory. We hadn't played the patch at this point, but were reviewing the info that Bungie had given us as of a couple weeks prior to the release.

We had concerns - a lot of them. We were worried that primaries would stay weak, and that the higher concentrations of power ammo (especially this), super energy and grenades would only exacerbate the feeling that Kinetic and Energy weapons were weak, and that team-shooting like a gaggle of angry ducklings was the only strategy worth playing.

Were we wrong to worry? It may be too early to know for sure, but we're dishing out our hot takes in Episode 74.

Go Fast Update First impressions (PVP Focused)

  • We're definitely feeling faster, although Sprint speed hasn't changed.
  • Kinetic and Energy Weapon Changes feel like a move in the right direction.
  • We'd like to see them go further.
  • Power Weapons feel extremely powerful - some of them anyway.
  • Snipers are better, but still don't have enough pull compared to the other options.
  • Linear Fusions could use more ammo to compete with Snipers.
  • Grenade Launchers....well, we don't even know how to balance them right now.
  • Fusion Rifles are awesome, Shotguns feel better, Swords and Rocket Launchers are both still in good places.
  • The ammo economy places an overwhelming focus on Power Weapons, to the exclusion of anything else mattering. They're better than Supers, Grenades, Melees - nothing competes.
  • Class balance changes feel awesome. All we can say is: more power!

Tune in for the full conversation: We breakdown the effect of every Weapon balance change that went live this month and talk about the state of the game in-depth, as well as where we hope things are going in the future.