IRL Cast 3: Flying, Obstacle Courses, and Other Activities

In this episode of the IRL Cast, we discuss our lives outside of Destiny and answer listener questions from social media. 

Want to know mor about how we spend our time when we're not making spreadsheets or livefire-testing weapons? This is the show for you! IRL Cast doesn't come out on a regular basis, but it's always a good time.

This week we asked our listeners to submit questions on Twitter, and we answered each and every one. Not always well, but hey, this is real life. Tune in to hear about Mercules' love of flying airplanes, including his dream planes, as well as Kutch's new commitment to getting fit and plans to run obstacle courses with his wife, plus more fun stories and anecdotes.

A final note: These IRL Casts are brought to you by our Patrons, the Guardians that pay for our audio and website hosting, equipment replacements, and the like. Thank them if you see them in the wild!

Until next time!

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