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Episode 24: Thoughts on The Dawning, Top 12 Legendary Primaries

In this 3 part episode, we start by reflecting on our experiences in The Dawning, and then move into coverage of the top 12 Legendary Primaries (3 from each type) for the beginning of 2017, complete with breakdowns of stats, perks, and game play tips. Click Read More to hear the episode and check out the show notes!

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Massive Breakdown Podcast Episode 7: Low and Very Low-Impact Pulse Rifles, and New RoI Guns

Mercules904, NKCougar, and Kyt_Kutcha are back with a classic breakdown of the low and very low Impact Pulse Rifles, the only archetypes that remain Crucible-competitive right now, including Hawksaw, PDX-45, and the infamous Grasp of Malok.

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