Destiny 2 Perks Spreadsheet: Pre-Beta Edition

I've been spending WAY too much time working on this the last week, and I'm finally ready to share it with you all. Please give me as much constructive feedback and input on this as you can, because I'd like to see it become a really useful resource for Guardians everywhere.


Reading this Spreadsheet

Weapon Perks

The Weapon Perks section is currently color-coded into perks that might appear on any type of weapon, perks that so far have only been shown on Kinetic (Ktc) or Energy (Nrg) weapons, and perks that so far have only been shown on Power (Pwr) weapons. When the beta goes live, I'll be looking to see in greater detail what types of weapons each of these perks can and cannot appear on, and updating this section as appropriate.

In the Weapon Type column, I'll indicate if the Perk is specific to a certain type of weapon (obviously), or if the perk can appear on any type of weapon within its Slot (Ktc, Nrg, Pwr). For now, I am categorizing them narrowly, using only the information that has been revealed, even for perks that it would be reasonable to assume could appear on many type of weapons.

The In-Game Description column is pretty straightforward. The Mechanics section next to it is for detailed notes about how the perk actually works in the game - duration, damage or stat bonuses, and the like. I have left this completely blank on the assumption that values from the Reveal and subsequent videos are old and likely to change in the Beta and the Release versions of the game.

For the same reason, I left the Video and Analysis sections blank for now. While all of the perks currently listed are supported by video evidence, I would like to get video during the beta showing full detail on the perk mechanics wherever possible/applicable. The Analysis section will be reserved for a TBD rating system and discussion of the perk's utility in the game, as needed.

Armor Perks

The Armor Perks section is much simpler, for obvious reasons. For the moment, I am assuming there will be no Class Specific Armor Perks (I'll add a new column if this proves false), so these perks are coded based on the armor location. Since I have no perk names for any of these, I made up some fillers to hold the places until I can confirm the actual names during the beta. 

Beyond that, the other columns are the same as on the Weapon Perks sheet, and blank for the same reasons.

Subclass Perks

The Subclass Perks sheet is its own animal, and is coded based on Subclass and organized based on the perk type for easy reading. I've collected every perk currently shown in video (that I'm aware of) and added in some best guesses based on game play from the Reveal, E3, and IGN. 

Again, I left the mechanics and analysis columns largely blank (aside from bad jokes) to prepare for functionality changes in the Beta and Release, and to collect full and accurate depictions of the perks in use. I've also left open the possibility that Bungie will add additional Skill Trees in the future by numbering them for the time being - this also made it easy to build the sheet out quickly than naming each tree individually (something I will do once we have all the name in the Beta and Release, but it's not a priority for now).

Want to help me fill this sheet up?

Good, I was hoping you did! I'll share a form to accept data submissions soon, so keep an eye out for that on Twitter and Reddit, or just check back here when you get into the Beta. I'll manually review every single submission, so it will take time to get them all added in, but it will also be easier than trying to gather all of this data on my own.