Episode 35: Sandbox Update Reveal, Elemental Primaries, and Balance Changes

This week, we begin to return to form with a review of the sandbox changes and a discussion of the latest reveals. We also talk about our favorite Bungie Twitter account (you'll never guess!) and some upcoming plans!

The Reveal, in brief

  • Each Raid will drop its standard legendary Weapons sans Elemental damage and Armor, up to maximum Light.
  • Elemental Primary Weapons will return Exotic Adept Weapons - they are otherwise unchanged.
  • Raid armors will drop with the classic looks (favoring Hard Mode where applicable) with two gorgeous Ornament options for each armor set.
  • Ornament Tokens and Adept Exotics ONLY drop from Challenges in Weekly Featured Raids.
  • Treasure of Ages boxes will include new Age of Triumph Chroma Armor.
  • Additional changes not announced in the stream are coming to the sandbox - listen to the cast for discussion of many of these, and read on for sources.

Health Regen Changes

Source: https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/222418147?sort=0&page=0

Mechanics that will now grant 66 health on activation: - Hungering Blade- Red Death- Lifesteal- Transfusion (removing the cooldown)- Cauterize (removing the cooldown)

Mechanics that will return to previous functionality (immediately starting health regen): - Suros Regime- No Backup Plans- Ward of Dawn cast- Apotheosis Veil- Embrace the Void

Extra Info Confirmed Post-Stream

Originally posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/611vth/massive_breakdown_of_additional_260_info/

Armor and Weapon Info

  1. VoG and Crota's End armor pieces look like they did in Year 1 when no ornament is equipped. Source 1 and Source 2
  2. Vendors gear will refresh weekly. This means perks for weapons, and perks and stats for armor. Source 1 and Source 2
  3. No other year 1 guns are coming back. Source 1 and Source 2
  4. Pocket Infinity will not be coming back. Source
  5. Vex Mythoclast may not have a quest to acquire it, but Nechrochasm does. Source
  6. You have to re-earn the Nechrochasm. Source
  7. Don't dismantle your Cruxes for now. Source

Adept Elemental Info

  1. The Adept versions of raid primaries are a completely separate weapon, not a toggle node or something from the legendary. Source
  2. Adept primaries will be earned from Challenge modes, and the only Adept weapons will be versions of the raid primaries. Source 1 and Source 2
  3. No other primaries are having elemental damage added. Source
  4. Trials primary weapons will not be elemental. Source 1 and Source 2
  5. King's Fall weapons that previously had an RNG last perk have has one perk chosen for the exotic versions. Source
  6. Adept Weapons have set elements they can drop with. Source
  7. Outbreak Prime and Touch of Malice will not have elemental damage. Source

Sandbox and Balance Changes

  1. The original shotgun in-air changes will be pushed through, and then monitored. Source
  2. No changes to how Touch of Malice plays. Source
  3. Chaperone is, unfortunately, also affected by the in-air shotgun changes. Source
  4. Lowest range handcannons received a 2.75m range nerf, all higher ranges got a 3m one. Source
  5. ARs are not receiving a damage buff, per se, but they will do more damage at longer ranges and have a shallower damage fall off curve. Source
  6. HC damage nerf does 1 thing only, which is to make falloff start 3 meters earlier. Everything else is unaffected. Source
  7. Astrocyte Verse is getting a buff. Rescue Mag is having a glitch patched. Rangefinder and in-air accuracy on shotguns are being corrected. Source
  8. Astrocyte Verse buff takes it from +3 Recovery to +7. Source
  9. Health Regen perks that now give a portion of health work by giving a flat number of hit points back (now 57, was 36), but it doesn't unstun either the health or shields. Unstunning means to immediately start regeneration. The old way was you got 10 health and 10 shield back and both became unstunned. Source


  1. No ornament for Outbreak Prime, yet? Source
  2. Only SUROS Regime gets two ornaments. Source


  1. No word on PS Exclusives coming to Xbox. Source
  2. Sticky nades are on the radar for a change. Source