Episode 29: Patch Preview - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This was an episode of highs and lows. We're all very excited about the confirmation of Destiny 2 for this fall by Activision, and hoping to more details and an official release announcement soon. On the other hand, we have mixed feelings about the balance patch coming out this Valentines Day.

There are big changes in store for the crucible, that's for sure. We've broken down the numbers already, so today we're discussing what those changes may actually mean for your strategy and playstyle in the Crucible. The highlights? Roaming supers are going to be scary for a while, and we're all going to have some big decisions to make about our load outs.

Also, big thank you and shout out to redditor Mmonx for making those drop off charts - they are excellent. If you've not seen them, click here.

We've sounded off, so now it's your turn. What changes in have you excited? Which ones have you most salty? What does Bungie need to look at next? Let us know on Twitter, Reddit, and right here in the comments, and maybe you'll get a shout out in the next episode when we continue this discussion with more details and actual play.