Episode 28: Proposed Subclass Changes, and Exotic Armor and Weapons Buffs

Join us for a round table discussion about Subclass and Exotic buffs and "equalizations" in this week's episode of Destiny Massive Breakdowns!

This week we discussed a variety of subclass tweaks we'd love to see, along with a series of Exotic weapons and armors in desperate need of some TLC from the sandbox team. While there were a number of possible changes that we didn't have time to get to, hopefully we hit some key ones. Here's the short list:

Subclass Changes

  • Buff Arcbolt and Firebolt Grenades, along with other AoE grenades
  • Buff Titan Melee Range by maybe half a meter
  • Buff Gunslinger Tripmine and Throwing Knife damage back up, and make Swarm Grenades functional
  • Nerf Skip Grenade tracking a bit - but not too much!
  • Nerf the column of death generated by Fist of Havoc to recognize cover and/or extremely high jumps (sorry, Strikers!)
  • Nerf Increased Control to penalize Armor on Titans by 2 to add a trade-off to Titan skating similar to the Recovery penalty to Blink (sorry, Titans - remember we want you melees buffed!)

Finally, we all agree that Stormcallers need to be adjusted: Stormtrance lasts too long and makes it too easy to get team-wipes in general Crucible play, and that the melee range provided by Amplitude renders other choices pointless. That said, Stormcallers deserve functional PVP grenades (please see our first proposed buff).

Exotic Weapons

  • Buff Khvostov, please! Make the quest and nostalgia worthwhile! Can the firing modes alter damage in a meaningful way?
  • Remember Boolean Gemini? We do, but that's the only place it has right now. Maybe Crowd Control or another buff?
  • Buff The First Curse - if it's supposed to be the longest range, most accurate hand cannon in the game - why isn't it at the Range cap?
  • Thorn, much-maligned, was a really fun weapon. Past tense. Would a little extra range be so bad? Let the gun at least strive to match its legend.

Exotic Armors

  • Buff Eternal Warrior, and other Titan Exotics! Right now Twilight Garrison and The Armamentarium are the only choices that feel powerful enough for Crucible play.
  • What the heck is The Stag even supposed to do? Can we pick just one ability and then make it actually good? Our thoughts: Always Respawn or Revive with an Overshield. Alternately, how fun would it be to get Super energy every time a nearby teammate died?
  • Achlyophage Symbiote: Why does it still nerf Golden Gun? The duration is short enough that it's already difficult to get multi-kills against an alert enemy, so giving us an extra shot while reducing the duration makes no sense. Hunters also have a variety of popular crucible choices in the current meta, making it unlikely this exotic would dominate.

There are so many more subclass tweaks and Exotic buffs we could have talked about in this episode, but we tried to give you a well-rounded and interesting selection without running into another 3 hour recording. So now we've said our piece, it's over to you, Guardians.

What's your take on our proposed changes? Did we hit the nail on the head or completely miss the mark? What other adjustments would you like to see? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and maybe we'll talk about your suggestion next week on Destiny Massive Breakdowns.