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  • Citizen ($10-$25)

    • A listing on our website as a Patron of the Sciences.

    • Ask one question in Discord to be answered on-air during the podcast for every $5 donated.

    • The PATRON role in our Discord for one month, including access to the Patrons’ Lounge channel, featuring Early Access Episode Summaries and first looks at new tools and projects.

    • A personal on-air Thank You during our next episode (please provide a gamertag/Discord name if you prefer we not use your real name).

  • Guardian ($26-$60)

    • All Citizen Rewards

    • 10% off any one item in our Loot Cave

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    • All previous rewards

    • 20% off any one item in our Loot Cave

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    • All previous rewards

    • A deck of MBP Playing Cards after your first donation

    • A free shirt from our Loot Cave

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    • All previous rewards

    • 30% off any one item in our Loot Cave

    • A second free T-Shirt of your choice from the Loot Cave

  • The Nine ($521+)

    • All previous rewards

    • Status as a Sponsor on our Website and Discord for the period of 1 year

    • A personal "Thank You" in every episode for the next year