Exotic High-Impact - Kinetic

Pros - Fast Time-to-Kill for bodies and crits. Good recoil direction.

Neutral - None.

Cons - Low mag size. Below average aim assist, handling,

  • Time-to-Kill:

    • Inside 7m - 0.67s (5 crits + 5 collateral bodies), 0.83s (6 bodies + 6 collateral bodies or crits)

    • 8m to 10m - 0.83s (6 crits + 3 collateral bodies), 0.83s (6 bodies + 6 collateral bodies or crits)

    • ~11m to 14m - 0.83s (6 crits + 2 collateral bodies), 0.83s (6 bodies + 5 collateral bodies or crits)

    • ~15m - 19m - 0.83s (6 crits + 2 collateral bodies, 0.83s (6 bodies + 4 collateral bodies or crits)

    • 20+m - 0.83s (6 crits 1 collateral body) or 1.00s (7 crits)

  • Rate of Fire: 360

  • Impact: 33 (Maximum 30 crit, 19 body), (Minimum 25 crit, 16 body)

  • Range: 44

  • Stability: 33

  • Reload Speed: 42

  • Handling: 40

  • Mag Size: 31

  • Recoil Direction: 86

  • Aim Assist: 60


  • Exotic - Four-Headed Dog

  • Barrel 1 - Rifled Barrel

  • Barrel 2 - Fluted Barrel

  • Barrel 3 - Full Bore

  • Trait - Spreadshot Package

Perhaps one of the most interesting and unique weapons ever introduced to the Destiny universe, the Cerberus (or as I have many times mispronounced it, Cerebus) hasn't seen a ton of usage outside of fringe cases and one off gameplay. I understand why, as there are a lot of misconceptions about exactly how the gun works, and how effective it is. First off, the shot pattern is quite simple. There will always be one shot directly in the center, where you are aiming the weapon. In this, it functions the same as any other auto rifle. Surrounding that center shot will be 3 other shots, arranged in a triangle and evenly spaced from each other, all equidistant from the center. When you fire the weapon, the alignment of these shots seems to be mostly random, and with enough firing will create a circle around the center point. 

Here's an example of what that looks like. 

What this means is that, at close ranges, you're pretty much guaranteed to hit two shots, depending on where you're aiming on the target. If you aim at center mass, you have a chance to hit a crit above it or the legs below it. If you aim for the head, you have less of a chance to hit the body, but you're going to be guaranteed the crit damage for your center hits. It's a really interesting trade-off.

In addition to this neat mechanic, it actually also has REVERSE damage fall off. Meaning it does less damage up close where the shot spread is tighter, and more damage further away. So then the real questions become: should you be aiming for the head or the body to get the most out of this gun, what is the most effective range, and is it worth using in PvP?

The answer to the first one is actually relatively simple: If you're withing 10m (basically shotgun range), you can aim for the body and net some very quick kills, but it's almost always a better deal to aim for the head. For one, you can only control the placement of the center shot, and banking on RNG to hit you another one is not always going to work out in your favor. Even at semi-close range, it is unlikely but possible to have every surrounding shot miss, which leaves you with the relatively paltry body shot damage alone.

Here are some examples of the shot spread on a target at 10m:

Within shotgun range you can easily hit a similar Time-to-Kill as the TLW with body shots (0.83s for Cerberus compared to 0.80s for TLW), and outside of that range the demands to net the optimal TtK actually become less stringent, so that you don't have to rely so much on RNG. In my testing, at less than 20m hitting at least 2 body shot collaterals while aiming for the head was a very common occurrence, enough so that I feel confident in banking on it in the majority of engagements. The body shot TtKs that relied on a larger number of collateral body or crits, were, unfortunately, less likely to happen outside of 10m, but it does create a very nice synergy where you can use the weapon like a normal AR outside of its best range, then can begin to focus less on accuracy as targets get closer to you. That being said, outside of 20m your chances or hitting any more than a single collat are very low, due to the increased shot spread, but I did get lucky and net the 6 shot kill a few times. I would say that outside 20m SUROS Regime is very much the better option, due to a similar 0.83s TtK with crits, and much less reliance on RNG.

So the answer to the third question, is it worth using in PvP, for me is a definite YES! I would say that anyone who is looking for a primary counter to shotgun rushers, but who struggles to use TLW, may find this to be the answer they're looking for. It may not melt quite as fast optimally, but it is significantly easier to use and can still be effective within the same given ranges. Hilariously enough, on consoles it plays almost exactly opposite while serving the same purpose, in that you NEED to ADS, otherwise the shot spread balloons out much more quickly!