Episode 85: Gambit Tips, and Barrels, Sights, Scopes, and Magazines Discussion

This week we talked about Barrels, Sights, Scopes, and Magazines in Destiny 2 - and we also had a 30 minute tangent about Gambit strategy. Enjoy!

Massive Breakdown's Visual Representation of the Benefits Granted by the Various Barrels, Sights, Scopes, and Magazine Perks in the Game

Alright y'all, new spreadsheet in the works is here.

This one is a visual representation of the benefits granted by the various barrels, sights, scopes, and magazine perks in the game. Please note that it is NOT giving the actual numbers that the stats are changed by (like +7 to Stability), because they are affected by multipliers that change with each given weapon class. Instead grouped into tiers based off of how much of an effect they have on each given stat.

The system is as follows:

  • Tier 3 - Greatly Increases

  • Tier 2 - Increases

  • Tier 1 - Slightly Increases

  • Tier -1 - Slightly Reduces

  • Tier -2 - Reduces

  • Tier -3 - Greatly Reduces

I find that I don't actually care much about the specific amount of stat points things like barrel mods and sights give me, and more about if it's the best option in the given slot for that weapon, and I hope this visual representation helps. Each of the "tiers" has its own color mapped to it so that you can easily compare the effect that different perks would have on the same weapon, and determine for yourself which of them you would like. You can download yourself a copy of the sheet and even sort by the effectiveness of each perk, so if you know for a fact you want a barrel that increases range, you can sort all the mods that affect range and then pick which one you think is best.

Please note that each page represents either a type of perk, or a specific foundry's options. The info page at the beginning should help to clarify any questions. I'll be working to fill out the rest of the Traits table later on this evening and tomorrow, but for now just ignore it.

Also, If you're patiently waiting for some real Massive Breakdowns of specific weapons, their stats, and the recommended rolls I'll have those up soon!