Episode 88: Last Wish Raid Weapons Breakdown

Let’s talk about the Last Wish Raid weapons! (Warning: some spoilers in the Podcast and possibly the show notes.)

Massive Breakdown of Forsaken's Last Wish Raid Weapons (With Stats, Times-to-Kill, and Recommended Perks)

If you're wondering where the numbers and full list of guns are, the Weapon Stats Spreadsheet has you covered.

If you want to look at things like Barrel stats, you can go to the BSMT Visual Tool.

TOP EDIT: My apologies, I misinterpreted some perks that could only roll as part of the "Hand-Picked Roll" as also being available in the random perk pool, which in some cases they are not. I'll be revising my suggestions immediately.

Several things to note:

  • Classes are broken down into Impact Archetypes.

  • These are strictly my opinions, so I'm very aware that a lot of people will probably disagree with them.

  • The Bolded Perk/Perks in each slot mean that I recommend using them the most. If there are no bolded perks, it means that I feel any of the listed perks are fine to use in the slot.

  • This is not a comprehensive list of every perk available in the pools, just the ones I recommend. Some perks that are on the Masterworked Version cannot be found on the randomly rolled version.

  • All Times-to-Kill are assuming Guardian has 192hp (6 Resiliency).

  • Pros and Cons are determined by comparing weapons within the same class, not by all weapons in general, and not by only the weapons within the archetype. If you would like a different or more specific comparison than what I have listed, feel free to ask and I can provide one in the comments.

Scout Rifle


Transfiguration - Kinetic

Pros - High range.

Neutral - None.

Cons - Very slow Body Shot TtK. Very low stability, reload speed, and aim assist. Low handling. Below average mag size.

  • Time-to-Kill: 0.80s (3 crit), 2.00s (6 body)

  • Rate of Fire: 150

  • Impact: 67 (66 crit, 38 body)

  • Range: 74

  • Stability: 22

  • Reload Speed: 25

  • Handling: 29

  • Aim Assist: 29

  • Mag Size: 14

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Polygonal Rifling, Chambered Compensator, Smallbore, Fluted Barrel, Corkscrew Rifling, Hammer-Forged Rifling,

  • Magazine - Steady Rounds, Tactical Mag

  • Trait 1 - Rampage, Zen Moment

  • Trait 2 - Kill Clip, Explosive Payload, Moving Target

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Fluted Barrel

  • Magazine - Light Mag

  • Trait 1 - Outlaw

  • Trait 2 - Explosive Payload

Another High-Impact Scout, the 4th added with Forsaken! Fortunately, this one is the best of the bunch, and I picture it as being a wonderful PvE tool once the scout rifle damage issue gets addressed. I'd do my best to bump up the stability with the barrel and magazine perks, so Polygonal Rifling and Steady Rounds take the top positions. What really makes this weapons special is that it's the only high-impact scout in the game that can stack the bonus damage dealing combo of Rampage and Kill Clip, but even if you don't get Rampage, you run the chance of stacking Zen Moment and Kill Clip, to make the weapon into a stable laser. The MW Version with Outlaw and Explosive Payload is also a neat roll, and I'd definitely want to give it a shot or two. As much as I want to love them, I'm struggling to find a place for High-Impact Scouts in PvP (outside of Jade Rabbit) but the sheer number of good possible rolls on this one makes me think that it may have a chance.

Pulse Rifle


Chattering Bone - Kinetic

Pros - Very high reload speed and handling. Above average aim assist.

Neutral - Average mag size.

Cons - Very low range. Below average stability and recoil direction.

  • Time-to-Kill: 0.87s (8 crit), 1.33s (12 body)

  • Rate of Fire: 450

  • Impact: 27 (25 crit, 16 body)

  • Range: 33

  • Stability: 52

  • Reload Speed: 63

  • Handling: 70

  • Aim Assist: 71

  • Recoil Direction: 57

  • Mag Size: 33

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Extended Barrel, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling, Hammer Forged Rifling, Chambered Compensator, Polygonal Rifling, Arrowhead Brake

  • Magazine - Ricochet Rounds, High-Caliber Rounds, Light Mag, Armor Piercing Rounds

  • Trait 1 - Outlaw, Rangefinder

  • Trait 2 - Rampage, Headseeker

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Corkscrew Rifling

  • Magazine - Light Mag

  • Trait 1 - Kill Clip

  • Trait 2 - High-Impact Reserves

The only new Lightweight Pulse Rifle added in with Forsaken, I'm very excited to get my hands on it. Stat-wise, range is very subpar, so I'd focus on things like Extended Barrel and Ricochet Rounds to help out with it. Just like the above Scout, you can grab Rampage in one slot, and Outlaw is probably the best other trait, but Rangefinder isn't bad. Opening Shot is also an options in the first trait slot, which is decent, and Headseeker can be an alternative to Rampage. I think this weapon, with its generous aim assist, could be a monster in PvP. The MW Version has Kill Clip and High-Impact Rounds, and I think it's usable based solely off of how powerful Kill Clip is.

Auto Rifle


Age-Old Bond - Energy (Void)

Pros - Very high range. Above average recoil direction.

Neutral - None.

Cons - Very low stability. Low mag size compared to faster firing ARs (best in the archetype though). Below average reload speed, handling, and aim assist.

  • Time-to-Kill: 0.83s (6 crit), 1.50s (10 body)

  • Rate of Fire: 360

  • Impact: 33 (34 crit, 21 body)

  • Range: 82

  • Stability: 18

  • Reload Speed: 34

  • Handling: 38

  • Aim Assist: 61

  • Recoil Direction: 79

  • Mag Size: 35

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Polygonal Rifling/Chambered Compensator, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling, Fluted Barrel, Hammer Forged Rifling, Extended Barrel, Arrowhead Brake

  • Magazine - Ricochet Rounds, High-Caliber Rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds, Light Mag

  • Trait 1 - Zen Moment, Tap the Trigger, Dynamic Sway Reduction

  • Trait 2 - Kill Clip, Dragonfly

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Extended Barrel

  • Magazine - Light Mag

  • Trait 1 - Fourth Time's the Charm

  • Trait 2 - Rampage

Finally, a High-Impact Auto Rifle that goes in the energy slot! I've been waiting for this ever since I fell in love with SUROS Regime all over again! The problems that plague the other legendary ARs in this archetype are still present, including terrible stability and low aim assist, but hey, that's what barrel and magazine perks, Zen Moment, and Target Acquisition mods are for! Seriously though, the stability is horrendous so you'll definitely want to get either Polygonal Rifling or Chambered Compensator, Ricochet Rounds, and Zen Moment or Tap the Trigger to help out with it. Kill Clip, for the third time in a row, is my favorite perk in Trait Slot 2, mostly because in PvP, when it's active you can kill in 0.67s with 4 crits and a body shot, which I love. The magazine size is low for an AR, but good for the High-Impact Archetype, so that's nice, and the recoil direction is high enough that you probably won't ever need to use a Counterbalance Mod or worry about it.

Hand Cannon


Nation of Beasts - Energy (Arc)

Pros - Above average recoil direction and stability.

Neutral - Average reload speed, handling, aim assist, and mag size.

Cons - Below average range.

  • Time-to-Kill: 0.87s (3 crit), 1.73s (5 body)

  • Rate of Fire: 140

  • Impact: 84 (70 crit, 47 body)

  • Range: 40

  • Stability: 57

  • Reload Speed: 45

  • Handling: 42

  • Aim Assist: 71

  • Recoil Direction: 95

  • Mag Size: 10

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Hammer Forged Rifling/Extended Barrel, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling, Full Bore

  • Magazine - Accurized Rounds, Tactical Mag, Steady Rounds

  • Trait 1 - Outlaw, Opening Shot

  • Trait 2 - Kill Clip, Rampage, Explosive Payload

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Full Bore

  • Magazine - Light Mag

  • Trait 1 - Outlaw

  • Trait 2 - Dragonfly

Perhaps the most exciting of the new Raid primary weapons, this is basically Destiny 2's version of the Fatebringer. Same archetype, same ability to chain Outlaw and Dragonfly (on the Masterworked Roll at least) for an add clearing machine in PvE. The aim assist is solid, as is the mag size, reload speed, and handling, so really the only thing left to improve is the range, and Hammer Forged Rifling with Accurized Rounds or Light Mag will do wonders there. If you're looking for more of a PvP HC, then just swap Dragonfly for Kill Clip and you've got a monster on your hands!



Tyranny of Heaven - Energy (Solar)

Pros - Fast draw time. Above average aim assist.

Neutral - Average stability.

Cons - Very low accuracy, reload speed, and handling.

  • Draw Time: 667 ms

  • Impact: 68 (138 crit, 86 body)

  • Accuracy: 27

  • Stability: 59

  • Reload Speed: 20

  • Handling: 47

  • Aim Assist: 74

Random Perks:

  • Strings - High Tension String, Tactile String, Polymer String, Natural String

  • Fletching - Straight Fletching, Helical Fletching

  • Trait 1 - Archer's Tempo, Moving Target

  • Trait 2 - Rampage, Snapshot Sights, Explosive Head

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Flexible String

  • Magazine - Straight Fletching

  • Trait 1 - Sneak Bow

  • Trait 2 - Dragonfly

I'm definitely not a fan of the Lightweight bows in PvP, but I really, really love them in PvE, and this one looks to be the best one yet. Improve accuracy at all costs, due to the low listed base stat (this may actually be an error in the API, but regardless more accuracy is always good). But the real niceness comes from the two traits, where you can stack Archer's Tempo and Rampage (or Sneak Bow and Dragonfly, on the Masterworked version), which would immediately make this weapon and add clearing machine that's fun to use and gets better the more you kill!

Sniper Rifle


The Supremacy - Kinetic

Pros - Fast RoF. High reload speed and handling. Very high aim assist. Above average mag size.

Neutral - Average inventory.

Cons - Low range.

  • Time-Between-Shots: 0.43s

  • Rate of Fire: 140

  • Impact: 55 (301 crit, 93 body)

  • Range: 32

  • Stability: 38

  • Reload Speed: 62

  • Handling: 68

  • Inventory: 42

  • Aim Assist: 73

  • Mag Size: 5

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Hammer-Forged Rifling, Smallbore, Corkscrew Rifling, Fluted Barrel, Polygonal Rifling, Full Bore

  • Magazine - Light Mag/Ricochet Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds, Appended Mag, Flared Magwell, Extended Mag, Alloy Magazine

  • Trait 1 - Snapshot Sights, Outlaw, Genesis

  • Trait 2 - Rampage, Kill Clip, Triple Tap, Rapid Hit

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Polygonal Rifling

  • Magazine - Armor Piercing Rounds

  • Trait 1 - Kill Clip

  • Trait 2 - Rapid Hit

This sniper is basically a better version of the Dreaming City dropped Twilight Oath, in addition to being an awesome throw-back to a D1 classic. Stat-wise, the Supremacy is better almost across the board, with more range, aim assist, handling, and reload speed, and it only misses out on stability by 2 points, and inventory by 3. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of most of the perk combinations, and I'll go so far as to say that Twilight Oath has some better options. TO can get Opening Shot/Snapshot Sights/Rapid Hit and Box Breathing/Triple Tap/Kill Clip/Outlaw, so basically anything you want. Now, the Supremacy can roll with Genesis, which is nice, but snipers are so rarely used for add clean up that I'm just not sure it's worth it. Not to mention, there are much better options for boss DPS than a Rapid-Fire sniper that doesn't have Box Breathing. That leaves it mostly as a PvP tool. Like I mentioned, aim assist and handling are both very good, which is a plus for this weapon, and it can roll with Snapshot Sights which is basically a necessity for any aggressive Crucible sniper. In the final slot, there aren't honestly any great options. Kill Clip doesn't allow you to kill with a body shot, which is disappointing, so you might as well use Rampage so you can 2-tap to the body, but again that's not really a game changer, as you should be going for headshots. For the barrels and magazine perks, try to up range as much as you can so the weapon retains some stickiness at longer distances, which is something I've noticed Rapid-Fires can struggle with on maps with longer sight-lines, and especially in Gambit.

Fusion Rifle


Techeun Force - Energy (Arc)

Pros - Above average charge rate.

Neutral - Average mag size, stability, reload speed, and recoil direction.

Cons - Below average impact, range, inventory, and aim assist.

  • Charge Rate: 660ms

  • Bolts-to-Kill: 6

  • Impact: 70 (38 damage)

  • Range: 39

  • Stability: 39

  • Reload Speed: 34

  • Handling: 27

  • Inventory: 29

  • Recoil Direction: 60

  • Aim Assist: 44

  • Mag Size: 6

Random Perks:

  • Barrels - Smallbore/Corkscrew Rifling, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Polygonal Rifling, Fluted Barrel, Extended Barrel

  • Magazine - Accelerated Coils, Liquid Coils, Projection Fuse, Particle Repeater

  • Trait 1 - Kill Clip, Under Pressure

  • Trait 2 - Backup Plan, High Impact Reserves, Rangefinder

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Hammer-Forged Rifling

  • Magazine - Accelerated Coils

  • Trait 1 - Auto-Loading Holster

  • Trait 2 - Backup Plan

Another surprising throwback to D1, the Techeun Force is a member of probably the least used Fusion Rifle archetype: the Adaptives. What it means is that they do just enough damage to kill in 5 bolts against targets in Crucible who are running 4 Resiliency or less, but they require 6 bolts to kill against anyone higher. Accelerated Coils makes it so that it requires 6 bolts to kill any target, but drops the charge rate from 660 to 620, which is pretty darn fast. Liquid Coils, on the other hand, ups the charge rate to 700, and makes it so that anyone at 7 Resiliency or less will fall to 5 bolts. Projection Fuse and Particle Repeater are also options here, increasing range and stability, respectively. Which one of those four perks you want to use is really up to you, depending on your playstyle. If you really just want to quickly counter shotgun rushers, Acc Coils is probably the best bet. If you want to try to map people, it'll be Liq Coils, Projection Fuse, or Particle Repeater. Personally, I would probably go with Acc Coils, as I find the faster the charge rate, the easier it is to play aggressively and counter other aggressive players. If I wanted to map people with a fusion I'd be using one of the slower charging ones, which inherently are more suited for that task. Stat-wise, I'd like to try to boost range and stability as much as possible with the barrel perk, so Smallbore and Corkscrew Rifling are going to be my two go-to perk options, but anything that increases range or stability without negatively impact anything will also be nice. Some barrel perks like Fluted Barrel and Extended Barrel also boost recoil direction, and this can make it easier to control the burst spread, if you're struggling to get tight groupings. In the last two Trait slows, I think Kill Clip and Backup Plan are phenomenal, but Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves are also super useful with the current state of special ammo in PvP almost always guaranteeing you'll have one or both active. They're the options I'd pick to go best with Liquid Coils if I really, really wanted to try to push out the useful distance of this weapon.

Rocket Launcher


Apex Predator - Heavy (Solar)

Pros - None.

Neutral - Average blast radius, reload speed, handling, inventory and mag size.

Cons - Low velocity. Below average stability.

  • Rate of Fire: 20

  • Blast Radius: 75

  • Velocity: 49

  • Stability: 43

  • Reload Speed: 44

  • Handling: 44

  • Inventory: 33

  • Mag Size: 1

Random Perks:

  • Sights/Barrels - Linear Compensator/Quick Launch, Smart Drift Control, Hard Launch

  • Magazine - High Velocity Rounds, Black Powder, Implosion Rounds, Impact Casing

  • Trait 1 - Tracking Module, Genesis, Ambitious Assassin

  • Trait 2 - Auto-Loading Holster

Masterworked Perks:

  • Barrels - Quick Launch

  • Magazine - High-Velocity Rounds

  • Trait 1 - Snapshot Sights

  • Trait 2 - Clusterbombs

As far as launchers go, this one isn't bad, but I'm not sure I would go so far as to highly recommend it. Like the Iron Banner's Roar of the Bear, the Apex Predator also offers the wonderful combination of Tracking Module and Auto-loading Holster for PvE, but it suffers from worse reload speed and blast radius, and only has slightly better velocity and reload speed. All in all, if you have similar rolls, I'd probably choose Roar of the Bear over the Apex Predator, unless you plan to be standing in an auto-reloading effect like a Warlock's Rift or behind a rally barricade. If you are doing that, then the faster RoF of the Apex can come into play (20 RPM instead of 15), but I'm just not sure that small difference is enough to make it worth it. Some people may make the argument that a lower blast radius is actually better to use with Cluster Bombs from the MW version for boss DPS, so it doesn't spread the extra explosions out so much and concentrates their damage, but if that's the case, then even Hakke's Zenobia-D is the better option, seeing as it has a lower blast radius by 10, faster velocity, and has tracking as the intrinsic perk and it can roll Auto-Loading Holster and Cluster Bombs at the same time.


All Primaries are good

  1. Transfiguration (Scout Rifle): + stability, Kill Clip and Rampage or the MW version with Outlaw and Explosive Payload

  2. Chattering Bones (Pulse Rifle): + range and stability, Outlaw and Rampage or the MW version with Kill Clip

  3. Age-Old Bond (Auto Rifle): + stability, Zen Moment and Kill Clip

  4. Nation of Beasts (Hand Cannon): + range, Outlaw and Kill Clip or the MW version with Dragonfly

  5. Tyranny of Heaven (Bow): + accuracy, Archer's Temp and Rampage or the MW version with Dragonfly

Special Weapons are decent

  1. The Supremacy (Sniper): + range, Snapshot and Rampage (solid for PvP, but I'd prefer Twilight Oath with Opening Shot)

  2. Techuen Force (Fusion):

  • To counter shotgun rushers: + range and stability, Acc Coils, Kill Clip, Backup Plan

  • To map people: + range and stability, Liq Coils, Under Pressure, High-Impact Reserves

The sole Heavy Weapon I'm not a fan of

  1. Apex Predator (Rocket): + velocity, Tracking Module and Auto-Loading Holster or the MW version with Cluster Bombs ( I prefer Iron Banner's Roar of the Bear with Tracking and Cluster for PvP , and Hakke's Zenobia-D with Auto-Loading and Cluster for Gambit and PvE)