Episode 59: How to Beat MIDA, Strategies and Weapons

Have you been struggling in the Trials of MIDA? The Multi-Tool is omnipresent right now, but it is far from unbeatable. Tune in to find out how we're combating the MIDA meta.

MIDA is tough to beat, that's for sure. Unless you're up close. Or even at mid-range. Or get the drop. Or isolate an enemy player and teamshoot.

You get the idea.

There's no denying that MIDA Multi-Tool is a very strong weapon. As we discussed last week, it's a great gun in many ways. But it's not an OP weapon in the vein of the overpowered all-range dominators of Destiny 1. It's no Y1 Suros Regime, Y1 Fusion Rifle, or Y1 Thorn / The Last Word, wrecking at all ranges to the cursing of Guardians everywhere. It's just really good at winning long range gunfights and helping you avoid being flanked.

How to beat MIDA Multi-Tool, in brief

First, some basic things to keep in mind to avoid getting killed by MIDA.

  1. Don't try to beat a MIDA user in a long range lane with a shorter range weapon. This includes Precision Auto Rifles - they have good range, but not Scout range.
  2. Don't double peak a lane where a MIDA user is setup. You saw them the first time, you know they're hardscoping you, go find another path.
  3. Don't walk around a corner at a slow jog. Good players know where head level is well enough that they're already scoped in on you. 
  4. Don't complain and blame other people if you do either of those things. You did them. You got killed. Using MIDA is a completely legitimate strategy, and no one owes you an easier time in PVP. Learn and get better.

Now, some good things to consciously do to beat those MIDA Meta Tools.

  1. Seek out areas with limited space to engage the enemy. If caught in the open, retreat toward cover and your allies.
  2. Use outside and inside lanes with cover to get around the map and close quickly. Use blink, invisibility, slides, and dodges to cross long lanes when needed.
  3. At short-mid range, crouch and attack with a Precision Auto Rifle or a Lightweight Pulse Rifle. If you don't get the drop, back off and find another lane or look for backup.
  4. Push aggressively with SMG's and Burst or Suros Sidearms at short range. Get aerial if needed, but generally restrict it to bunny hopping (single jumping repeatedly).
  5. Move as a team (but not too close together - Rockets are a thing).
  6. Always be team-shooting.

These are just some basic strategies, but if you put them into play, your frustration with MIDA will decrease and your enjoyment of the game will increase. Once you have a handle on avoiding bad encounters and seeking good ones, you can start thinking about strategies to use the map to your advantage - that's something we discuss specifically for Eternity in this episode, but we've talked a lot about the value of map knowledge in the past as well.

Good luck, Guardians!