Episode 46: Patreon, Iron Banner and Destiny 2 at E3 Discussion

Let's talk about some of the upcoming events in our own and Destiny's future! This week we discuss some exciting giveaways, a social experiment, tackle our June Patron's Corner, and discuss what we expect to see from E3.


This month we're giving away the house!

Okay, not really, but we do have some excellent swag to share with you all! We're doing three giveaways in all, and you can expect 1 or 2 more to be announced post-GuardianCon when we return with more loot.

Giveaway 1: Destiny Legal News Mint Condition - Patreon

We're giving away one mint copy of the Destiny Legal News, direct from ACBullman himself, to a lucky member of our Patreon. These folks pay to play, and it's their dollars and cents that built this website, host our podcast, and drive us to build bigger and better things in the future.

You can enter by pledging before July 1st - -just click the button here or on the bottom of the site.


No particular pledge amount is required for entry, nor will a larger pledge increase your chances of winning.

Only valid pledges count as valid entries.

That's really all there is to it. 

Giveaway 2: More Destiny Legal News - Discord

You have probably heard (we hope) that the Destiny Massive Breakdowns Discord is a thing. It's growing really well for being a day old, and we're very excited for the chance to spend more time with you, our listeners.

So to say thank you to our most social of listeners, we're giving away one copy of the Destiny Legal News to a random member of our Discord Server! You'll need to be a member by June 30th, at midnight (yes, we can tell when you joined, they're called bots), so hurry up and get in here!

(PS - to be clear, Patrons will therefore get 2 chances to win if they also join the Discord.)



Giveaway 3: Destiny 2 Beanie & Bag from the Reveal

You may recall that Mercules was lucky enough to attend the Destiny 2 Game Play Reveal in California a few weeks back - we have been talking about it a lot! Well, guess what: he brought back some swag, and we are giving it away!

This Beanie and Bag come straight from the Destiny 2 Reveal, and they are pretty sweet. This month we are focused on giving back to the community that has built us up and supported us, and especially on saying thank you to those who have taken that to a level we never imagined anyone would: our Patrons. 

So yes, that's two Patron giveaways - did we mention we are super grateful to you guys? Seriously, every morning (afternoon) when my brain kicks on and I remember that I run a podcast that people willingly donate money to support, I am a little overwhelmed.

To whoever wins this sweet swag: you deserve it. Enjoy!

That's all for now, Guardians, but a new episode is already in the works! Stay tuned for that and more Destiny 2 news and analysis right here.