Episode 62: Proposed PvP Balance Changes

This week we talk about how we might adjust the weapons of Destiny 2 to mix up the Crucible meta. Listen now!

Destiny 2 Proposed Balance Changes

How We Would Patch It

Scout Rifles

  • MIDA Multi-Tool
    • Debuff the stats or
    • Drop one of the grab-bag of perks
  • High Impact Scouts
    • Differentiate them in some way; right now they have little to offer in PVP

Pulse Rifles

  • blanket buff of some kind seems necessary. Just a bit more damage across the board might make them viable.

Hand Cannons

  • Something just feels off about Hand Cannons right now. A touch more aim assist, tempered carefully by damage drop-off, might do the trick.

Auto Rifles

  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Submachine Guns (SMG's)

  • It's reasonable to expect Antiope-D to get looked at, given its popularity. Hopefully they adjust other archetypes up, rather than taking it down.


  • Omolon Adaptive
    • veryone expects a nerf here, and it seems likely. They're just so strong!
  • Precision
    • Given the stringent accuracy required to optimize these, the upside isn't great. Not sure how to fix them though.

Power Weapons

  • There are a lot of solid options here to support a variety of playstyles. We say, don't mess with them!

Thanks for tuning in, Guardians! We'll see you next time.