Episode 43: PvP Bad Habits (Ft. FamousBirds)


This week, FamousBirds from Crucible Radio invades the Massive Breakdown cast with his signature brand of positivity, seasoned analysis, and pro tips that get deep. Warning: If you're not ready to hear a detailed discussion of how your own bad habits are holding you back, don't hit that play button. 

This week it was tough to write up the notes, because our discussion was so wide ranging, tangential, and frankly hard to summarize. That said, here's an abbreviated list of PVP bad habits we've fallen prey to (and be honest, so have you).

PVP Bad Habits

  • Don't blame someone else for your performance, & don't blame the game for your performance.

This one goes right at the top because if you do this, you'll never get better. You either take ownership of what happens, or you don't. Okay, that's all, I'll let the rest stand on their own.

  • Don't peak (or double-peak) sniper lanes

  • Don't blindly round a corner without sliding or jumping

  • Don't forget you can use sitting, swords, or emotes to see around corners

  • Don't die running down the same path 2 or more times in a row

  • Don't stay in ADS for more than a few seconds

  • Don't go airborne in mid battle unless using hand cannons or sidearms

  • Don't play hyper aggressive like CoD

  • Don't chase somebody who's retreated into an area your team doesn't control

  • Don't hesitate to run away at the first sign a firefight isn't going well

  • Don't charge in without your health, your grenade, and your team

  • Don't engage when you're outnumbered (even when you have a teammate)

  • Don't change weapons and subclasses constantly

  • Don't be afraid to try something new every now and then

  • Don't sit waiting with no cover in or on heavy/control/relic/bubble

  • Don't wear bright color shaders or helmets that draw the eye to your head - for real, y'all

Okay, that's it, that's what we've got! What mistakes do you make that you'd like to tell other? What big ones did we miss or forget?