Carries for Cam

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in a charity stream - along with other wonderful members of this community - in support of a fellow Guardian and his baby boy, who were dealt an incredibly difficult hand by the RNG of life. I'm writing this today to share the story with anyone who missed the event.

This is the short version:

Cameron has been in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Winnipeg since he was born on September 15, 2016.  As of right now he is currently requiring respiratory support on a CPAP machine and is having surgery in January 2017. Nicole and Harley have no idea when little Cam will be coming home.

Last week Nicole and Harley finally got some answers regarding little Cameron. He has a congenital muscular dystrophy. The specific type and gene affected is not yet known, but tests are currently being run to locate and confirm this. Everything that is currently going on with Cameron's health and care is remains quite complex. The eventual goal of taking this sweet guy home remains, and will likely require some fancy equipment and potentially medications. Any little bit helps, I know Cameron and his parents are grateful and humbled by the generosity.

You can read the full story and contribute if you so choose, by clicking here.

This past Saturday, January the 21st, a 24 Hour Charity stream was organized on Twitch by some noble Guardians familiar with the family's situation, and we were able to raise an additional $1500 thanks to the community's generosity. Following the event, we received the following message from Cam's father, thanking those involved:

Yesterday, Eataface, Hamsta11234, XiaJohan, Cbrahmer, Agsoap, Crazybobbles, Ky1e19901, Gdubz, anthonyfromonline, frenchfryz, Mercules, Kyt_kutcha, NKcougar, onlinetre2, fallout_plays, nueleth, artofpoop, HGH42, cbrahmer, agsoap, dry_bonez, famous birds, Swainstache, Dr_lupo from the  destiny community teamed up and put together a stream for a wonderful cause. The stream was "carriesforcam". It included an awesome page that featured a photo of my son Cameron and includes his gofundme link.  Cameron has recently been diagnosed with having a congenital muscular dystrophy. These guys were driven to help my little family and together they were able to raise over $1500 in just one day! I'd like to thank everyone who donated, shared to the gofundme link, or joined us online. I had a lot of fun playing with you all and I look forward playing again. Nicole and I are forever grateful for everyone's generosity. Life is going to be challenging but our family is suited up and ready to fight this battle.

It is my hope that by sharing this article here, we will encourage additional donations from those who were unaware of the situation. Harley, Nicole, and Cameron have a long road ahead of them, and while the stream was successful in helping them along, that road will continue uphill for many years to come. Please consider contributing something if you can. If your own finances don't leave you able to donate, please just share this story on your own social media, with friends and family in person, and with your fellow Guardians.

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