Destiny Massive Breakdowns YouTube Channel

We have a YouTube Channel

If you're like us, you're always looking for new and better sources of information of this wonderful game we all play. The options are nearly endless -, Reddit, various YouTube and Twitch personalities, and podcasts galore! We hope our own podcast is among those sources for you (if you're reading this, it seems like a safe bet), but did you know we also have a YouTube channel?

Destiny Massive Breakdowns on YouTube is a production of podcast host Mercules904, and is chock full of great videos and information you won't find anywhere else, including mechanics and video demonstrations not discussed or address on the podcast (since it's, you know, an audio-only thing). Next time you're trolling for fresh Destiny info, check it out!

Here's a complete playthrough of everything Destiny we've shared so far, if you want to take a trip back in time with us while you wait for the next Massive Breakdown to go live:

As ever, thanks for tuning in!