Massive Breakdown Podcast Episode 9: Scrim Rules and Balance Patch Discussion

Welcome to Episode 9 of Massive Breakdown! Mercules904, NKCougar, and Kyt_Kutcha discuss the future of scrim rules at length, as well as how we got to where we are. Around 35 minutes in we transition to discussing what might change with Destiny Update 2.4 releasing on Thursday, as well as what we'd like to see happen to create a greater diversity of weapons being considered viable in the meta.



  • Teams are not allowed to use duplicate subclasses (e.g. only one Stormcaller, Voidwalker, Nightstalker, etc is allowed per-team)
  • The Bladedancer perk “Backstab” is not permitted
  • The Defender perk “Gift of the Void” is not permitted


Players may not compete with an armor stat higher than 7, or a recovery stat higher than 8. Chest pieces that grant additional armor are allowed (chest pieces grant +1 armor), but your guardians grand total armor value may not exceed 7. You can use the below chart to calculate your guardians armor and recovery levels.

Armor Stats

Grenade Discipline must not be higher than Tier 3 ( 4v4 format )


  • Exotic armor is not permitted
  • With the exception of ‘Memory of Jolder,’ all Rise of Iron ‘Memory of ____’ artifacts are not permitted
  • Exotic class items are allowed
  • Year 1 armor pieces with the exact perk named, “Special Weapon Ammo” are not allowed
    • Armor with specific +ammo perks such as “shotgun ammo”, “sniper rifle ammo”, etc are allowed)


  • The following weapons are not allowed in play:


  • No jumping off the map or any other forms of intentional suiciding